We are very lucky to have 6 beautiful and top of the line Reformers set up in Surbiton, near Kingston. Having this Studio within walking distance of Surbiton train station creates easy access to the best tuition and a variety of classes. We also have free car parking for those of you who wish to drive. You could even stay and have a coffee with your friends in Nuffield café and chat afterwards! At Nuffield Health we are a friendly, welcoming and like-minded community of all ages looking to keep our mental and physical well-being in tip-top shape. Our instructors Lisa Venter, Jo Richards, Kelly Brook-Partridge, Karin Joel and Chris Kielb will lead you through a workout challenging your mind, body and heart. You may be wondering why the reformer classes? Pilates on the mat works standalone body movement whereas on the Reformer you lay, sit, kneel, stand on a carriage with springs attached underneath. This allows you to feel resistance or assistance to create movement your body understands and cannot achieve on the mat, therefore creating a well-balanced body that is efficient in its strategies for sport and everyday lifestyles. 

Joseph Pilates for his time was a genius! His method is taught around the world with celebrities such as Adele, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Winslet, Heidi Klum and Madonna who all have mentioned the benefits of Pilates throughout their lives. Let’s not forget about the men too! David Beckham, Tiger Woods, (Kobe Bryant, RIP) and Andy Murray all use Pilates to prevent injuries, master bodily control and excel in their sport. Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or have a sedentary lifestyle due to working behind a desk we all need, want and strive for increased muscular strength, good flexibility and less pain from sore backs and other lingering issues. So, if you’re finishing work for the day or playing in a competition on the weekend come and join us to keep you supple and fit to keep doing all the things you love. We offer classes during the day, at the evenings and on weekends to keep you looking and feeling good, always!