Do you want yourself and your horse to be working together, while progressing? You’ve come to the right place. Pilates was originally founded by Joseph Pilates, he wrote several books about athletics and exercise to come together as one while studying many exercise regimes to grow his knowledge. Equestrian Pilates is one of the many forms of Pilates which can help benefit your core muscles, balance and creates a progressive and loving working environment to help yourself and your horse grow together as one. Everyone is welcome to have a go, whether you are a beginner rider or advanced, Equestrian Pilates will always be of service to you.  

My love for horses was something l felt as a child but never harnessed until I took my daughter for lessons. I was petrified of horses until we started loaning a pony called Midi. At the ripe age of 42yrs old l decided l wanted to ride. It wasn’t the best start as l fell off after a couple of months (boy did it hurt) and it took me 8 months to get back on again. Due to commitments, I couldn’t keep a weekly schedule. Years went on and l was riding on and off but nothing constantly. In 2018, my daughter and l bought our own horse called Trebra Star Dollar. He was very different from the other horses l had ridden, and l needed to up my game to keep him fit, healthy and flexible. This meant me challenging my body to get horse riding fit. It was so interesting how l could use Pilates to mix the two disciplines to improve my riding. The ropes I thought of as reins, the carriage moving added motion to the exercise, the challenge to keep my balance, I loved every minute of it, well of course l did! Two things l love doing right! I truly believed it is important for me to keep myself flexible, mobile with core strength to support him through his imbalances and help him build balance through his body so he can do all the things we ask of him, dressage, showjumping and cross country. 

Equestrian Pilates can become an advantage to gain the satisfaction of improving your posture and position as well. Why would Equestrian Pilates suit you? In Dressage, you need balance in your seat to be able to give the aids to your horse correctly in order to aid the movement you need as well as giving balance to your horse paces whether they are collected or extended. In Show Jumping, Your seat must be centred to keep a balanced rhythm, while working your core muscles to stabilize yourself and your horse over the course of 12 jumps. For riding in general, it requires a lot from the rider’s muscles to keep their position, balance and posture as well as having your head, shoulders, elbows, hips and heels in line. Equestrian Pilates would help build and structure your muscles and position in order for yourself and your horse to increase accuracy and work better together while having fun and the satisfaction of your exercising or competitions. Pilates can also help with any fears or anticipation working with your breathe which connects with the horse. 

While doing this course it will give you the enjoyment and comfort of knowing that you and your horse are striving for your best whether it’s for fun or competition. Through Equestrian Pilates, we help you achieve your goals and enjoy yourself while doing