Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Group Reformer Classes have a maximum of 6 people per class taught in a warm and relaxed environment within Nuffield Health Surbiton for members and non-members.

Each class you can enjoy the benefits of increasing your core strength to help support your spine; stretching out tight muscles to create balance through the joints and to develop a mind-body connection which can help relieve stress and tension.

Do you love sports?

The Reformer is also known for preventing injury. If you play a repetitive, dynamic sports like Tenis, Squash, Golf etc this can often cause many injuries like a torn rotator cuff or a ruptured achillies tendon. By using the Reformer this allows you to continue doing the sport/hobby you love within taking time off for recovery. We all know the saying prevention is better than cure!

Do you know how your body works?

Most of us take our bodies for granted, its not until we’re in pain or cannot move we want to do something about it. Reformer Classes teach us information about our bodies.

Studio Equipment

The Reformer is the best tool to help you achieve this. Our Reformers are from Balanced Body, in the US and are the most renown for their stylish look and durability. We have a variety of models which give you the choice of using the Reformer you prefer. Some like the wooden Revo to our most popular the Reformer 2. For us as instructors teaching a small group allows us to help you individually.

We qualified with either Polestar Pilates or APPI (The Australian Physiotherapist Pilates Institute). All the Team will give you a warm welcome and help you with your needs. All of our clients enjoy meeting us on a weekly basis and feeling part of the Core Connect community.

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