Pilates For Back Care

“Back pain creates more debility than any other condition”! This information was taken from the NHS website in March 2014.

Lower back pain causes more debility than any other condition, affecting nearly 1 in 10 people and becoming more common with increasing age.

We specialize in back care, helping you become pain free and start enjoying life again. Our classes are designed to help improve core stability and to help stabilize your spine. Tight muscles can also put tension on the spine like the hip flexor and hamstrings, the Reformer is great to help lengthen these muscles with the springs giving support.

What People Say…

Philippa Furner from Surbiton:

Lisa is the best pilates teacher I have found – and I have tried a few. We have been working together for a while now and I love my one to one sessions with her.

I always feel so much better afterwards. She really knows her stuff and is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Lisa helps me achieve my goals and keeps my vulnerable back in good shape.

Bharat Sagar from Esher:

A very enthusiastic, rather excitable but engaging teacher inspired me to book some private lessons along with my wife in the Pilates studio.

That was seven years ago and now after much frustration , not inconsiderable suffering, enormous effort on my part and more so on the part of , Lisa the indefatigable, a great deal of laughter ; I now posses a stronger physique , a more flexible back and much better aptitude and attitude to my other exercising regimens.

Pilates is a great thing but you do need commitment and a great teacher. It informs the dynamics of most of my daily movements and when I do injure myself, pull a muscle emptying the dish washer for example, it is inevitably because I haven’t been moving as I have been taught to in the Pilates studio.

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