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5th April, UPDATE

Hi Everyone, how are we doing? I’ve now completed three videos for you to practise Pilates at home. Please subscribe to our ‘You Tube’ channel and hope the videos help during this crazy time. I will be adding more and not just Pilates so make sure you subscribe, share with your friends as we all need some love, care and tenderness at this time https://youtu.be/TqZUG01wiAA

Dear All. As of 19/3/2020, due to government guidance, our Pilates studio is now closed to the public until further notice. You can email coreconnectpilates@gmail.com, or WhatsApp me with any queries that you may have.

I want to wish you well, stay safe, calm, and of course practice Pilates at home if you can. I look forward to welcoming you here when all is settled and well.

Lisa Venter

We are a small friendly equipment based Pilates studio who love working with people. We strive to help clients improve their fitness, health and well-being to live pain-free and to empower our clients to be the best they can.

We offer Pilates classes, sessions and more in the Surbiton, Shepperton, Esher & Kingston-on-Thames area.

For more information, please contact Lisa on 07850 699899

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A very enthusiastic, rather excitable but engaging teacher inspired me to book some private lessons along with my wife in the Pilates studio. That was two years ago and now after much frustration , not inconsiderable suffering, enormous effort on my part and more so on the part of , Lisa the indefatigable, a great deal of laughter ; I now posses a stronger physique , a more flexible back and much better aptitude and attitude to my other exercising regimens. Pilates is a great thing but you do need commitment and a great teacher. It informs the dynamics of most of my daily movements and when I do injure myself, pull a muscle emptying the dish washer for example, it is inevitably because I haven’t  been moving as I have been taught to in the Pilates studio. But more often than not I no longer have to think about movement and posture.

Bharat Sagar from Esher

Lisa is the best pilates teacher I have found – and I have tried a few.  We have been working together for a while now and I love my one to one sessions with her. I always feel so much better afterwards.  She really knows her stuff and is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Lisa helps me achieve my goals and keeps my vulnerable back in good shape.

Philippa Furner from Surbiton

Having attended Pilates sessions on a one-to-one basis with Lisa for several years I have personal experience of the amazing change Pilates can have on the way you look, feel and move. The exercises were tailored to my own particular needs and each session was planned in response to my body’s specific requirements at that time; whether related to injury, work issues or just limited time for sufficient exercise. Each session left me feeling lighter, stronger, more flexible and energised. Joining Lisa’s Pilates classes was definitely one of the best life-changing decisions I have made.

Jean Ashfield from Shepperton